VIAVI OSP offers a diverse portfolio of products for medical, pharmaceutical, and analytical laboratory markets. Our flagship MicroNIR miniature spectrometer takes the positive identification of pharmaceuticals, and a wide variety of other chemical compounds, to the field in a portable instrument. The VIAVI OSP brand protection product line protects supply chain integrity and assures pharmaceutical authenticity all the way to the consumer. And our precision spectral filters meet demanding requirements at the core of biomedical analytical and diagnostic instruments and anesthesia monitoring equipment.

MicroNIR Spectrometers

The MicroNIR family of spectrometers is the next generation ultra-compact near-infrared spectrometer sensors and analyzers solving customer needs across multiple industries.

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Custom Optical Coatings

Leveraging a broad technology portfolio and decades of experience, VIAVI OSP can design and manufacture virtually any interference filter that obeys the laws of physics.

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