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Tests in Labor und Produktion

Testen von Storage Networks

The Xgig Fibre Channel Load Tester is the first generation tool with a high speed 14 Gbps Fibre Channel (16 GFC) protocol available on the market.
Medusa Labs Test Tools Suite is leading application-based data testing and signal integrity testing tool enabling developers to identify, locate, and resolve elusive errors through stress testing before products are released to market.
The most powerful PCIe and NVMe analysis system available, offering complete visibility into traffic flows with advanced trace and analysis capabilities.
Comprehensive multiprotocol analysis, load testing, and error injection for all SAN/NAS technologies.
The Delay Emulator simplifies test setup and configuration and provides developers with a suite of powerful yet flexible capabilities to accurately emulate a variety of realworld operating conditions.
The Xgig 10GbE and Fibre Channel Analyzer is a versatile, state-of-art solution for monitoring and analyzing live traffic of different storage protocols, including 10G Fibre Channel, 10GbE, iSCSI, FCIP, iFCP and iWARP.
Fully integrated, stand-alone system with 12/6/3 Gbps SAS multi-functions (Analyzer, Generator, Jammer)
The Xgig SAS/SATA analyzer is a critically-important tool for engineers developing and troubleshooting products and systems that involve the SAS/SATA protocols.
The powerful Traffic Generator and Target Emulator extends the capabilities of the Xgig Analysis and Test Platform to create network traffic at line rate to stress test equipment during development and in-network.
Expert software comes standard with all Xgig Analyzers and Bus Doctor Rx Protocol Analyzers to provide a unique and robust set of debugging and analysis capabilities specifically designed to accelerate and simplify device development and troubleshooting.
The Xgig 8G Fibre Channel Analyzer offers a wide array of advanced analysis capabilities to enable users to achieve more robust product performance without sacrificing time-to-market.
The Xgig BERT solution simplifies signal integrity verification and high-speed bit error measurements by injecting data patterns into the traffic stream that create worst-case data loading conditions and stress a network's physical layer to its limits.
The Xgig Load Tester quickly and easily verifies data integrity, monitors network performance, and identifies a wide range of sophisticated problems across complex network topologies that would be too difficult to troubleshoot with an analyzer alone.
Xgig, designed for heavy-duty data traffic and complicated network structures, offers the industry a reliable analysis tool for high-bandwidth protocols such as GbE and iSCSI.Xgig® GbE/iSCSI Analyzer
The High Density 10G Etherent/FCoE Load Tester provides the industry’s highest port density, up to 32 ports in a single 3U chassis, for developers to verify the reliability and functionality of 10G converged Ethernet network equipment.
The Xgig® Jammer manipulates live network traffic to simulate errors in real time, enabling users to verify the responsiveness and robustness of error recovery processes.
The Xgig® Analyzer offers a wide array of advanced analysis capabilities to enable users to achieve more robust product performance without sacrificing time-to-market. With its wide range of capabilities, including intelligent triggering, automated capture, and Xgig Expert analysis, troubleshooting time is reduced from hours to minutes.
The Xgig Secure System performs testing of Fibre Channel interfaces configured in any topology including those used in avionic environments, and provides traffic generation, error injection, and advanced analysis with data rates from 1Gb/s to 10.5Gb/s.
Creates FC protocol traffic at speed of 4, 8, or 16 G FC, to emulate FC devices; replays field issues in the lab to verify bug fixes.
Extensive Xgig capabilities and flexibility provide unmatched network visibility to more easily identify and resolve problems, accelerate new product design, and speed time-to-market.

Testen der Wireless-Performance

The industry's most advanced and scalable wireless subscriber simulation and test systems for EVDO technologies.
The industry's most advanced and scalable wireless subscriber simulation and test systems for LTE technologies.
The industry's most advanced and scalable wireless subscriber simulation and test systems for UMTS / HSPA technologies.
Next Generation Capacity and Performance Testing platform

Prüfen und Reinigen von Glasfasern

FVA Benchtop Microscope fully automates the inspection process and is used to detect scratches that technicians may miss. FiberChekPRO™ then provides Pass/Fail results.
Benchtop Microscope & Automated Inspection & Analysis Software
Mikroskop zum automatischen Prüfen und Analysieren von Glasfaser-Endflächen mit Ausgabe von Gut/Schlecht-Bewertungen auf PC, Laptops, Mobilgeräten und Viavi-Testlösungen.
Die handliche Komplettlösung für die Faser-Endflächenprüfung.


Die Testlösung ONT-100G unterstützt das Testen und Verifizieren von neuen High-Speed-Netzelementen für 40GE und 100GE. Zudem ermöglicht sie die Entwicklung von 100G-Produkten auf Grundlage der CFP- und CFP2-Technologie.
Das MTM-Modul bietet auf den Schichten 1 bis 3 eine hohe Testdichte bei 155 Mbit/s bis 11,1 Gbit/s. Mehrere Nutzer können gleichzeitig eine breite Protokollpalette, darunter OTN, GigE/10GigE LAN, SONET/SDH und Fibre-Channel, evaluieren.
Highly configurable, multi-application and multi-port platform for system verification and acceptance testing.
The Wander Analysis Software is an advanced synchronization evaluation tool with the ability to import and analyze TIE data. Additionaly the TIE, MTIE, and TDEV evaluation, other analysis functions are available: RTIE, MRTIE, MADEV, ADEV, FFO, and FFD.
Das Modul 400G CFP8 ist eine skalierbare Testlösung auf Grundlage des neuesten Normenentwurfs für 400G Ethernet (IEEE 802.3 bs) und bereit für OTUC4. Es besitzt einen CFP8-Schacht, um die erste Generation von 400G-Steckmodulen aufzunehmen. Über 5 QSFP28-Schächte werden FlexE- und FlexO-Anwendungen analysiert.

Optische Testplattform für die Produktion

The MAP-200 Polarization Control Module (mPCX-C1) provides polarization scrambling, control and stabilization for use in applications such as temporal depolarization, 100G+ coherent interface testing as well as stabilization and tracking of target SOP conditions