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North America Enterprise Partners

For help with locating an Enterprise partner, please contact a Viavi Enterprise salespersonfromthe listbelow:

Western Region

Name Title Territory Business Phone Cell Phone Email Address
Rob Haine Regional Sales Director Western Region 281-890-3604
Open Account Manager TX (Houston, San Antonio, Austin) and LA      
Rick Kingsley Account Manager TX (excluding Houston, San Antonio and Austin), OK, AR   972-219-6811 972-821-2480
John Prestwich Account Management UT, ID, OR, AZ, NV 952-358-3810 801-414-9692
Bob Harlow Account Manager MT, WY, CO, NM   303-710-5950
Gus Stein Account Manager HI, Southern CA 952-607-3329 858-361-5044
Raul Aquino Account Manager Northern CA, WA, AK, Western Canada 952-607-3318 510-673-3751
Chris Ebner Account Manager MN, KS, MO 952-358-3801 612-644-5689
Tom Burke Account Manager Chicago, Milwaukee 240-404-1996 847-917-1961
Joel Doheny Account Manager ND, SD, WI, MN, IA, NE 952-358-3856 612-741-8609
Gary Lockwood Account Manager IL, IN, MS
Open Sales Engineer WA, AK, Western Canada      
David Outzs Sales Engineer UT, ID, AZ, NV, HI, Southern CA 952-358-3870
Matt Allen Sales Engineer Northern CA, WA, OR, AK, Western Canada 952-358-3839 925-951-7346
Bill Naylor Sales Engineer TX, OK, AR, LA 952-358-3861 972-672-8733
Al Swanke Sales Engineer ND, SD, WI, MN, IA, NE, KS, MO 952-607-3335 847-682-2938
Darren Sanders Sales Engineer Chicago, Milwaukee, IL, IN, MS 952-607-3368 708-408-7110

Eastern Region

Name Title Territory Business Phone Cell Phone Email Address
Dana Irvine Regional Sales Director East Region
Jeff Jolicoeur Account Manager ME, VT, NH, MA, NY (Rochester) 952-607-3327 774-245-0387
Tom Gunther Account Manager NY (Upstate), CT,  RI 408-404-3689 516-527-1915
William Coffman  Account Manager PA, NJ (South, Central), DE
Lori Russell Account Manager NY (Downstate), NJ (north), CT 952-607-3342 631-523-8232
Open Account Manager TN, NC, SC      
Steve Kilby Account Manager MS, AL, GA
Open Account Manager FL, Latin America      
David Combs Account Manager MI, OH, IN, KY
Scott Hall Account Manager DC, MD, VA, WV, PA, Cleveland, OH 952-358-3868 703-861-2432
Yves Filon Account Manager Eastern Canada 613-843-2454 514-572-7360
Scott Hamilton Sales Engineer MI, OH, IN, KY, Eastern Canada 952-607-3346 330-341-9406
Warren Caron Sales Engineer DC, MD, VA, WV, PA, Cleveland, OH 571-258-7461 408-404-6335
Chris Eckert Sales Engineer ME, VT, NH, MA, NY (Rochester), NY (Upstate), CT, RI 860-965-7501 952-607-3359
Open Sales Engineer PA, NJ (South, Central), DE, NY (Downstate), NJ (North), CT      
Jason Cornwell Sales Engineer TN, NC, SC, MS, AL, GA   404-210-2366
George Hellyer Sales Engineer FL, Latin America   609-668-2291
Geoffrey Paul Account Manager - Synergy East US 952-607-3390 678-296-0844