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VIAVI OSP has long history as a trusted supplier to the best-known brands, proximity to design-development centers in Silicon Valley, and sophisticated, semiconductor-compatible production platforms--make VIAVI the supplier of choice for consumer electronics customers worldwide. Today’s mobile devices thrive on features and functions enabled by optical sensing: ambient light, hue, proximity, gesture, face recognition, 3D imaging, fingerprint, UV-sun exposure, infrared and thermal imaging, and many more in development.

Our highly experienced design development team understands the extreme size, cost, and volume demands of today’s consumer products. When brought into a project at the early stages, we collaborate with our customers to help them develop compelling, highly differentiated features that exploit the full power of precision optical coatings at CE price points. With the proven ability to scale rapidly and reliably, we provide customers confidence that they will be able to make 10 units or 10 million units with equal ease.

3D Sensing Filters

VIAVI OSP has been delivering 3D depth sensing filters from the technology’s roots in the revolutionary Microsoft Xbox Kinect.

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Custom Optical Filters

Since 1948, we have continued to pioneer the development of advanced optical coating technologies.

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