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MicroNIR Handheld Products

The MicroNIR handheld products offer flexibility is use cases from at-line measurements to real-time analysis at the point of use. Two products are available.


MicroNIR OnSite

The MicroNIR OnSite is a compact, ruggedized and ergonomic design making it ideal for applications in the field or on the manufacturing floor. MicroNIR OnSite is controlled by tablet PC based software with intuitive user interface which requires minimum training to operate.

Download MicroNIR OnSite datasheet

MicroNIR Pro

The MicroNIR Pro is an excellent development tool for a new user assessing the feasibility of NIR spectroscopy for their applications. The product is offered with a number of accessories that allow for ease of use in an at-line or laboratory setting. 

Download the MicroNIR Pro datasheet