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Optical Signal Switching & Routing

Optical Switch Solutions built on the industry-leading, fourth-generation instrumentation class of Viavi optical switch technology.
Range of fully non-blocking optical switch modules from Polatis designed for OEM integration.
Multimode optical switch trays from Polatis that utilize DirectLight® beam-steering technology to deliver high performance in a compact, fully non-blocking, multimode product.
Range of fully non-blocking optical switch units from Polatis designed for 19" ANSI and ETSI rack equipment practice.
High-performance, fully non-blocking all-optical 80x80 matrix switch designed with exceptionally low optical loss, compact size, low power requirements and fast switching speeds.
Ideal integration of optical switching, attenuation, and power monitoring in a single, compact package from Polatis.voa
The MAP-200 Utility Module, mUTL-C1, provides a range of passive optical devices such as couplers, splitters, Mux/Demux modules and band-pass filters to simplify the integration of these devices into automated test systems