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VIAVI introduces Virtual Test & Activation—the most advanced test software for virtual networks

Submitted by cyle.olson on March 15, 2017 - 7:20am

New software solution makes testing and troubleshooting NFV networks as easy as legacy networks

March 7, 2017 — VIAVI Solutions, Inc. introduces the availability of Virtual Test & Activation, a new software product for test, service activation and troubleshooting in virtual networks using NFV technology. It is the successor to VIAVI's successful TrueSpeed VNF product. The solution leverages virtual test agents and combines them with the most powerful test methodologies in our test portfolio, such as Y.1564 SAM Complete and RFC 6349 TrueSpeed. Applying these technologies to the virtual world enables Service Providers to roll out new software-based services faster without the need to dispatch a service tech holding a physical instrument.

So how does it work?

Virtual probes and test agents deployed on x86 compute platforms can generate test traffic on network layers 2, 3 and 4. The virtual probes measure network performance in terms of throughput, latency, and packet loss and can also provide permanent monitoring using TWAMP. The whole solution is managed by a test controller and results are stored in a test data collector. The inclusion of VIAVI's hand-held instruments ensures continued support of the installed base of legacy technology. VIAVI's combination of virtual and physical test capability enables carriers to slowly migrate from legacy wired environments to next-generation, virtual networks.

Virtual Test & Activation Key Benefits

  • Standardized test methodologies – Advanced suite of virtual Ethernet tests including Y.1564 SAMComplete, RFC 6349 TrueSpeed and L3 TWAMP tests automate and virtualize testing L2-L4 to save time and improve consistency
  • Easy integration – Application and documentation of open standards like RFC7594 LMAP, and support of all common hypervisor and orchestration platform
  • Unmatched Performance – Maximize performance via software acceleration technology while minimizing CPU and memory usage
  • Smooth migration – Compatibility with VIAVI hand-held test equipment support testing in hybrid networks and facilitates a smooth migration to a pure virtual environment

Use Case – MEF Proof of Concept

VIAVI's Virtual Test & Activation was an integral part of the winning Proof-of-Concept (PoC) demonstration at MEF16. Together with our partners ECI, Comcast, TATA and Telecom Italia/Sparkle we simulated a business end-user ordering an Ethernet connection to AWS via a web portal. An orchestrator provisioned the service across the three carriers into AWS, while the link throughput was validated using VIAVI's virtual test agents at the end-points. A webinar recording with a discussion the PoC with ECI is available here.