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Service Assurance

The xSIGHT CEA Application enables the industry’s most effective assurance workflows via the real-time correlation of customer experience to the underlying network and service performance.
xSIGHT Data Collection Agents deliver KPI metrics, by interfacing with NEs, EMSs, NMSs, BSS/OSS applications and third party monitoring probes.
The xSIGHT Session Trace Application provides industry-recognized transaction tracing and decoding troubleshooting functionality much faster and at a lower cost than traditional solutions.
xSIGHT Mediation, Correlation, and Policy Management is a carrier-grade mediation platform that provides all necessary data processing to power Viavi assurance, and third party applications.
Traffic Analysis Agents deliver Control and User Plane metrics in real-time via the xSIGHT Mediation component to xSIGHT or third party monitoring apps.
xSIGHT Traffic Storage Agents deliver Control and User Plane metrics in real-time to monitoring applications, plus store KPIs and Control Plane traffic for troubleshooting applications.