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Datacenter Optimization

In-Depth Application Awareness

As cloud providers build out their data center infrastructure, they will need to fully-validate service performance with an eye toward providing outstanding end-user experience, while achieving operational efficiency.

Rising Costs

As application complexity continues to increase, deployment model options (hybrid, co-located, and others) drive more potential variability in terms of latency, bandwidth, and underlying infrastructure support. As this occurs, providers must maintain outstanding service delivery, while minimizing the ongoing operational costs associated with running and managing IT resources. In-depth monitoring and inherent increased visibility can help to reduce these costs.

Proactive Monitoring

The core capabilities of the VIAVI data center optimization solution address fundamental challenges, such as application complexity, security concerns, and issues unique to cloud providers. In-depth application awareness with detailed response times--and deep packet inspection into application error, reason, and condition codes--can help ensure higher levels of end-user satisfaction.

The VIAVI data center optimization solution provides:

  • Outstanding VoIP and video intelligence with the most comprehensive vendor support
  • Back-in-time awareness with Observer GigaStor with added SNORT rule and signature detection via advanced filtering to strengthen real-time IT security measures
  • High-level dashboards with real-time and long-term reporting in an easy-to-use browser interface
  • Baselining to quickly visualize unusual behavior even within the most dynamic environments
  • Application dependency mapping to detect service bottlenecks and resolve the root-cause issue
  • Expert analytics aids teams in quantifying WAN connectivity issues, in particular in the ability to view TCP behavior and status
  • High-speed packet capture with support to 40G in a number of flexible form factors
  • Strong virtualization visibility with support for both server and network abstractions
  • The ability to poll underlying resources to measure the health of supporting infrastructure


Case Studies