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Technology Deployment

Keys to a Smooth Roll-out

With increased cloud traffic growth comes a storm of technology deployments that challenge cloud service providers to proactively manage new IT initiatives and ensure that they perform as users expect.

Grow with Demand

As enterprises increase cloud spending, cloud service providers are scrambling to increase capacity and capabilities. This urgency increases the need for broader visibility into everything from cabling to the network and applications. Providers must deliver instant awareness of new applications as they are deployed in new environments. And, they must quickly assess service and infrastructure health as resources are virtualized, expanded, or migrated to the cloud.

The Tools to Stand Apart

Viavi cloud performance management solutions enable cloud service providers to facilitate the rapid and successful deployment of technologies, applications, and services by helping to manage and optimize every stage of an initiative’s life cycle. They validate network readiness before services are deployed, to provide visibility and understanding of new service behavior, assess IT performance pre- and post- deployment, identify and resolve potential performance issues, and allow for continued optimization of the application or service after the rollout.

This is achieved by validating deployment success through complete and correlated views of the services coming online from the network, application, and infrastructure perspective. The solution offers support for thousands of applications, including payload analysis and deep web-based customer experience analysis. Discover and monitor devices as they are deployed via comprehensive native agent polling. Confirm that all underlying physical connectivity can adequately support new resources. And, determine if new services are optimized through comprehensive baselining and behavior analysis pre- and post-deployment.