Structured Cabling

Laying the Groundwork for Success
Increased capacity demand, caused by the exploding delivery of virtualized services in cloud networks and datacenters, has required many enterprise network owners to upgrade physical cabling infrastructure.
Preparing for What's Next

The move from gigabit Ethernet to 10G, to 40G, and now 100G has led to evolving standards and less margin for error when working with physical media. Whether transitioning to higher categories of copper, copper to fiber, or simplex to ribbon fiber architectures, maintaining best practices during installation and testing is critical to future network performance. Installers and technicians are challenged to keep up with these changes by learning the newest test methods, supporting industry standards, and operating next-generation tools and instruments.

User-Friendly Data from Day One

Viavi’s powerful enterprise solutions enable better performance management from the physical media to the application layer, by providing technicians with user-friendly workflows that help reduce the likelihood of error, while cloud-enabled instruments deliver better network data from day one. With clear visibility from the physical media to the application layer, the Viavi toolset delivers actionable insight so enterprise networks are built more efficiently and performance data is available from inception. As your enterprise network grows and evolves, you’ll have reliable data that allows you to set accurate baselines, measure performance, and validate physical infrastructure.