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WAN Performance Testing

Faster Speeds Demand Faster Solutions

Within the enterprise market, everyone wants high-quality WAN and server connectivity to keep their business running smoothly. In some situations, the right performance monitoring tools can be the difference between profit and loss. In others, connectivity is critical.

In Pursuit of Zero Latency

With high-frequency financial trading, excess latency can risk millions of dollars. Order execution has a massive impact on business competitiveness and a few additional nanoseconds of latency can severely impact markets, even global economies. Highly distributed regional networks such as schools and medical centers are also challenged. Hospital personnel rely on sensitive services like videoconferencing for diagnostics and imaging. WAN connectivity is essential for ensuring that VoIP quality can be supported and that file transfer times do not impact productivity--or worse yet, put lives on the line.

Profit from Core-to-Edge Status Profiles

BYOD, SLA verification, cloud and data center connectivity are also enabled with Viavi WAN connectivity solutions. From accessing resources via smart phones and iPads, to saving money through datacenter consolidation or migration to cloud, Viavi solutions help to verify that everything is working.

Viavi WAN connectivity and testing solutions featuring the powerful TrueSpeed test instruments, are engineered to deliver high-quality end user experience. These solutions facilitate end-to-end TCP connectivity and help ensure that the effects from the network and latency do not impact the quality of experience. Virtual tools measure the quality of cloud service to pre-qualify or run tests before large-scale upgrades.