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Macro Cells, Small Cells, DAS, WiFi, and More
Service providers have a critical need to lower the cost of infrastructure while meeting the capacity and coverage demands of the users. Most smart phone users today will pay for a premium service if they’re getting a better quality-of-experience.
Optimize QoE and Cost

In order to meet QoE expectations and associated network capacity and connectivity requirements, service providers are installing a rich mix of access technologies into their networks. Viavi solutions deliver end-to-end network visibility and precision intelligence to help network operators master the placement, turn-up, and management of complex networks with multiple access technologies. Our solutions identify performance problems and opportunities with accuracy and granularity, so you can quickly prioritize where to focus resources and maximize return-on-investment.

Small cells provide a cost and footprint-efficient way to satisfy capacity requirements in dense urban areas and extend service coverage to locations that can’t be reached by large, expensive cell towers. However, the effectiveness of this strategy is all about position. The Viavi HetNets ariesoGEO toolset supports the deployment of small cells with surgical precision. With 24/7 network-wide visibility, the solution can identify hotspots with building-level resolution from actual customer traffic data. Hotspots can be profiled by traffic type, device type, and user grouping, to ensure optimal placement.

Turn Up, Manage, and Optimize

Minimizing the cost of network turn-up is essential to HetNets. In addition, managing the multiplicity of access methods together with the complexity of RF and Fiber is necessary for high-level performance. Viavi’s SmartClass Fiber, CellAdvisor and TrueSite tools significantly simplify the methods and procedures, while saving the “cell birth certificate” in the cloud through StrataSync.

A great deal of customer dissatisfaction is due to the backhaul, yet monitoring and managing the backhaul is becoming increasingly complex. Viavi’s EtherASSURE platform automates activation with proactive performance monitoring delivering granular analytics. In order to ensure a high-quality end-user experience, Viavi’s xSIGHT Customer Experience Assurance Solution collects and correlates control plane and user plane KPIs across the end-to-end network, and delivers a real-time integrated view of service performance, network performance and customer experience. Innovative technology helps the network and service operations center identify and resolve customer-impacting problems in a fraction of the time, cost, and footprint of traditional solutions. In addition, by geolocating customer-centric KPIs from every event of every customer call or data session, Viavi’s ariesoGEO platform provides unprecedented insight into network performance as experienced by the subscriber.