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Technology & Service Introduction

Speed Time-to-Revenue
The introduction of new technologies and services can deliver increased revenues and lower operational costs, which puts pressure on service providers to deploy them as quickly as possible.
Plan for Success

The speed of any new rollout must be balanced against the need to maintain high QOE. Accurate planning and thorough testing is key to this balance.

New infrastructure requires detailed network performance and traffic profiling to prepare an effective rollout plan. In the radio access network (RAN), this task is complicated by the introduction of heterogeneous networks (HetNets) with a variety of wireless technologies. Viavi wireless planning and optimization solutions provide performance and traffic profiling integrated across the widest range of RAN (HetNet) technologies.

Faster and More Focused Testing

With new technology and service testing, the challenge is to reduce the overall test-time duration, despite the need to consider not only network variables, but also an increasing number of devices and applications in the test scope. The test-time reduction must now be achieved while executing an increasing number of test scenarios, or use cases. Viavi technology and service introduction solutions have been designed to speed time to revenue by offering automated and streamlined testing. 

Accelerate testing with the unique ability to:

  • Quickly create/modify real-world RF traffic environments
  • Analyze service performance and call flows in real-time
  • Automate test case execution, pass/fail indications, and result gathering

In addition, the Viavi wireless deployment test toolkit can significantly increase field technician productivity when deploying new equipment and services, by providing single tools for testing:

  • Fiber, Ethernet, OTDR, COSA, and CPRI
  • 100G line and client side, fiber, and CD/PMD characterization
  • RF over Coax, RF over CPRI, RF over the air, and fiber

In cases where thorough testing isn’t performed before going live, there often are more problems post-launch. Viavi advanced service-assurance tools provide precision visibility into individual technologies and services, so that you can avoid post-launch surprises -- or at any other stage of the lifecycle. Viav offers:

  • Service-assurance tools that can focus on the performance of an individual technology or service and location in real-time, even where this requires the quick integration of a new data source
  • Ethernet-assurance tools that can uniquely monitor performance in real-time using live traffic