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Fiber Handling Essentials for Next-Generation Networks

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


As fiber penetrates further into next-generation networks, troubleshooting reports indicate that connector contamination is the number one cause of poor network performance. Because of this, proactively inspecting and cleaning each connection point is critical to achieving the desired network performance as legacy practices, such as using only an optical power meter, are outdated and high-risk.

Giving technicians a basic understanding of optical connectivity and the essential tools needed to handle fiber will establish and reinforce best practices that will optimize your network performance.

This one-hour webinar will cover the three basic principles necessary to achieve efficient fiber connections:

  • How to drive fiber handling best practices within your organization
  • Achieving an optimized network
  • Essential tools needed for every technician handling optical fiber

Part of the Viavi Solutions Broadband @Work Across America campaign to help rural service providers succeed at broadband service deployment across the country.

Tyler Vander Ploeg, RCDD
Product Line Manager
Viavi Solutions Inc– Fiber Inspection & Test

Tyler Vander Ploeg is the Product Line Manager for Viavi’s Fiber Inspection & Test business unit. His nine years of experience in the fiber optic industry includes managing fiber optic connectivity and test products, authoring white papers and conducting training and education in fiber connectivity and test. He is also involved in several industry groups and committees.