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IPTV: Ensuring Quality of Service

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The cost-effective delivery of triple-play services (voice, video, and data) is made possible in large part by next-generation, standards-based, and distributed network architectures that use packet transport mechanisms. These new networks must deliver specific Class of Service (CoS) support for all three service types—and, each comes with its own application-specific quality of service (QoS) needs. IP-based delivery of video signals also places unique demands on these networks.

Ensuring proper service delivery on these new networks requires making measurements of the accumulated effects of the IPTV network on critical, application-specific QoS parameters at the customer premises during service installation.

This one-hour webinar will discuss these video-specific QoS parameters and will examine a suggested methodology for both measurement and use. Registrants will learn firsthand from an industry expert how to help ensure successful IPTV deployments.

Mr. Williams’ Bio:

John Williams has more than 25-years experience in the telecommunications industry, with roles in developing and marketing telecommunications equipment. Currently he researches new access technologies and services and helps to define new deployment test solutions for service providers, such as IPTV, FTTx, VDSL, and Triple-Play service. In addition to being a published author in the telecommunications industry, Williams has more than 15-years experience supporting and working with standards bodies such as ITU, and technical industry bodies such as FTTH Council, DSL Forum, and ATIS.