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Pushing the Edge with Small Cells

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


​Small cells have come a long way in recent years. Initially they were used as a way to expand the coverage of a mobile network in remote locations. But small cells are now being utilized to increase network capacity in densely populated urban areas. According to Heavy Reading, there will be 500,000 public access small cells in live commercial service by the end of 2015. A proliferating number of smartphones and other mobile devices, along with an explosion in mobile apps, means customers now want more coverage in hard to reach urban areas such as inside buildings and subway tunnels. Further, they also want similar data speeds and the Quality of Service (QoS) they have come to expect from fixed broadband services.

In this live webinar, we will describe the pain points of small cells from pre-deployment lab testing through turn-up, full scale deployment and operation. Solutions that are content-aware will thrive in this environment and ensure the best user experience. Minimizing time to revenue and cost for cell turn-up will deliver the operational benefits service providers need—join us to learn more.