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A next-generation service assurance solution that addresses the entire Ethernet Service deployment life cycle including test and turn-up acceptance, SLA/performance monitoring and reporting, and test and troubleshooting with both hardware and virtualized software solutions.
Centralized Ethernet turn-up test and troubleshooting tool for Service Activation of Business Ethernet and Mobile Backhaul applications.
Enables fully automated service activation and verification for Carrier Ethernet applications including Business Services and Mobile Backhaul.
Viavi small cell solution including NetComplete EtherASSURE and PacketPortal Intelligent Network Visibility and Ethernet Assurance Microprobes.
PacketPortal es una solución basada en la nube que integra tecnología de captura de datos en toda la red, ofreciendo inteligencia en la misma línea a cualquier aplicación empresarial, de monitorización o gestión.
JMEP is a powerful micro Ethernet probe for Ethernet and IP performance assurance.
Virtual Ethernet lifecycle management solution for test, service activation, performance monitoring and troubleshooting on all network layers