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Instruments de test et systèmes pour réseaux HFC

Combines triple-play services testing, forward and return path maintenance, and Stealth Sweep™ Technology to deliver award-winning performance.
Handheld field meter for DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS cable modem installation; enables cable installers to increase the speed and efficiency in deploying high-speed data and video services.
The MicroStealth QAM signal level meter is the ideal tool for installation and field technicians seeking to quickly ensure the quality of RF analog and digital cable services.
Surveillance et dépannage des voies ascendantes HFC: surveillance des voies de retour, affichage des spectres actifs, rapport de l'état du spectre et des données, analyse de la porteuse ascendante, historique des performances et certification du nœud.
Solution for problematic coax home wiring reduces repeat calls and improves customer experience. With DSAM, comprehensively tests home coax networks in less than two minutes.
The industry’s only software-based solution that monitors operators’ video services end-to-end from the video source to the end device with active and passive testing.
The VSE-1100 is the industry’s first converged digital spectrum video analyzer and noise-troubleshooting platform designed for the challenges of the converged cable access platform (CCAP) and remote PHY evolution.
L’outil d’analyse des signaux OneExpert CATV permet de vérifier la performance des réseaux et rend le dépannage plus simple, plus rapide et plus efficace.