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Testing Live IP Networks

Jeudi, Décembre 11, 2008


As part of the Ensuring LAN Performance Webinar Series, JDSU presents an interactive Webinar highlighting the best practices for testing live IP networks. This Webinar reviews the basic IP network tests that verify network connectivity and help to avoid network outages. It is designed for cabling contractors and IT network technicians responsible for network moves, adds, and changes.

Attend this free, interactive Webinar and you will learn:

  • The building blocks of modern Ethernet/IP networks;
  • How to use port discovery to identify what device (if any) a RJ45 jack is  connected to;
  • How to employ hub flash/link blink to identify what hub or switch port a RJ45 jack is connected to;
  • How to run ping tests to verify network connectivity;
  • How to test Power over Ethernet (PoE) to ensure adequate power for devices such as VoIP phones.