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Digital Video Quality and Alarm Analysis: Information Overload

Mardi, Juin 30, 2009


For digital video deployment, conditions causing picture quality errors and delays that impact the video viewing experience are introduced at any point of a lengthy content delivery chain. Multiple alarms can be raised, making it difficult to assess impact of issues let alone pinpoint location and identify root cause.

A comprehensive end-to-end strategy with intelligent alarm analysis and correlation of key performance indicators will ensure high quality of experience (QoE) for digital video customers.

This webinar session addresses:

  • Operations challenges facing service providers delivering Digital Video.
  • Quality issues by network segment (headend, MPEG-edge, IP transport, HFC and access network and home network).
  • Alarms and key quality indicators – What they mean and why they are important?
  • Best practices: comprehensive end-to-end service assurance strategy combining continuous performance monitoring with troubleshooting and analysis techniques to quickly find the problem and its exact location.