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Demystifying 100G and Looking Beyond

Lundi, Mars 11, 2013


​In 2013 we are seeing 100 G deployments expand on a global scale. These highly complex networks also bring confusion with the myriad topologies and terminologies and arguably some overly-generalized statements relating to testing. These topics need more substantive explanation and perhaps some simplification when discussing the ramification of these issues for you when faced with the daunting task of deploying your first 100 G network.

Register to join Viavi Solutions representatives for a look at the evolution of client- and line-side high-speed fiber networks and the testing requirements for ensuring successful deployment and operation. In this webinar, we will remove the complexity and confusion surrounding this topic and provide clarity about how you can ensure successful deployment, operation, and maintenance of your network.

This session also will include a quick preview of the newest Viavi Solutions 40/100 G solutions that we plan to show at OFC/NFOEC 2013.