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OFS-355 SMART Optical Reporting Software

Latest Software Update v. 2.87

  • Full support of any C-Series device, SmartClass or SmartPocket device.
  • Supported operating systems: From Windows 2000 up to Windows 7, 32 and 64 Bit.

To download the OFS-355 software please follow the links below:  

To remote control your C-Series or SMART optical handheld using the Hyperterminal™ or any other serial communication software just download and install the appropriate driver:

After the download is complete, go into the temporary directory that contains the "installOFS355.exe" file. Double click on the file.

Do you have any further questions or need technical assistance?

Please contact our Technical Support or Markus Kunzendorf (markus.kunzendorf@jdsu.com)