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Deploy Ethernet Mobile Backhaul with Confidence: How to be Successful

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The pressure to succeed at backhaul has never been greater for service providers – the surge of mobile data traffic and associated cost of its transport has created a number of significant business challenges. The important, inevitable step of updating a backhaul network from TDM to Ethernet is not about “if” … but about “when.” A big problem: Ethernet was not originally designed for carrier-grade use. In this webinar hosted by JDSU Communications Test & Measurement, Jay Stewart, a solutions lead for Ethernet services at JDSU, will address the key contrasts between managing TDM and managing Ethernet services for backhaul.

In this discussion, operators will learn how to meet strict performance goals and hit cost objectives while factoring in: the business essential of healthy backhaul links; stringent SLA requirements for backhaul service performance; and, managing multiple backhaul technologies simultaneously. Jay will also cover how a complete Ethernet backhaul service assurance solution for the entire service lifecycle can help deliver the highest service quality and meeting strong revenue expectations. 

Learn how to deploy Ethernet mobile backhaul with confidence by gaining a clear understanding of the following real world issues impacting mobile backhaul service assurance:

  • Ethernet fault isolation and performance management,Including advances in the MEF, IEEE 802.3 ah, 802.1ag and ITU Y.1731 including CIR, FD, FDV, FLR and availability measurements
  • Service Level Agreements, How to avoid penalties by managing, reporting and performing to your SLA agreements for Ethernet
  • Best practices and requirements that go beyond the standards for end-to-end service assurance solution for Ethernet backhaul environments, Including service turn-up acceptance testing, rapid fault isolation and SLA conformance/performance monitoring and reporting