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CFP2: Mainstream 100G Deployment Drives New Test and Measurement Requirements

Thursday, April 11, 2013


​With the development of the CFP2 form-factor transponder, we are seeing global 100G deployments transition to mainstream. In developing and building reliable CFP2 products, challenges such as signal integrity, clocking, and skew control have reached a new level with the arrival of 25 G input/output (I/O). While transitioning to this phase, the test equipment used during development and validation must meet the challenges the physical layer demands of 25/28 G.
VIAVI Solutions has extensive experience turning up these novel 25 G interfaces and was the first company to offer a 100G CFP2-based test set with native 25/28 G I/O.
Register to join VIAVI Solutions for a discussion about the challenges CFP2 developers face and how the VIAVI Solutions test solution specifically addresses these challenges to ensure successful 100G deployment and operation. We will discuss how the CFP2 test solution can generate and analyze Ethernet and OTN traffic to greatly simplify testing of components that only function with framed signals.