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Report Center Software Updates

Welcome to the Update Center for JDSU Report Center Customers


This website contains Report Center software updates that may be available periodically to fix critical issues or add product enhancements. You can download these full versions of the software provided that you have a valid product or software update service (SUS) license key. Please check to be sure that your license Key(s) are eligible to unlock a newer revision of Report Center software before you download and install it.

How License Keys Work

Each time Report Center is updated to a new revision, a timestamp called the Date Code is updated in the software. The Date Code for each revision is unique and serves to protect the software from unauthorized use. You need a valid license key to operate the software in anything other than an evaluation mode.

When you purchased Report Center, you received a unique 20-digit Product License Key. Each Product License Key includes information about the product for which you purchased a license (Wireline Data or Telephony) and your Subscription Renewal Date (typically 12 calendar months from your date of purchase).

If you purchased more than one Report Center module at different times, the more recent Subscription Renewal Date is used to unlock software for all licensed modules.
Just before your most recent Subscription Renewal Date is reached, you should purchase an SUS License Key to extend your ability to unlock Report Center updates in 1, 2, or 3 year increments. For more information about purchasing SUS License Keys contact ustomer Support.

Available Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM-6:00 PM Eastern Time (GMT-5).

  • Tel: 866 228-3762 (toll free)
  • Tel: 301 353-1550
  • E-mail:
  • Customer Service Request Form
  • Fax: 240 404-1299 Without a current subscription, you may not be eligible to unlock newer revisions of Report Center software.

Will my License Key(s) unlock the Report Center update I am about to download?

If the Date Code in the Report Center Update you download and install is EARLIER than your most recent Subscription Renewal Date, your Report Center update will unlock properly and permanently. To determine your most recent Subscription Renewal Date, display the About information from the Help menu in Report Center.

Report Center Updates

Click on one of the following links to begin downloading the Report Center update you require.

Report Center 7.20.1 Release Notes

Report Center 7.20.1 (exe, 11.9MB, 2012-04)

Maintenance Pack End User License Agreement

You are about to download a Maintenance Pack.  The license to use the software contained in the Maintenance Pack is granted by JDSU as part of the original software license for your JDSU system.

Due to the acquisition of the Agilent Technologies Inc. Network Solutions Business by JDSU on May 1st 2010, software licensing authority and warranty responsibility transferred to JDSU.  Any questions or claims relating to the downloaded software should be addressed to JDSU and not Agilent Technologies.