The OneExpert CATV signal analysis meter platform makes every technician an expert. The following videos take a closer look at the OneExpert CATV Series, highlighting key features, controls and workflow methods that help users utilize the capabilities of this CATV Service Activation tool.

Section 1: Unit Overview and General Setup

  • Unit Overview

    This short video will take you through all the basic functionality to get you started with your new meter

  • Tray Menu

    Learn how to increase your productivity by placing common tests and features in the tray menu

  • CATV Settings

    Learn the importance of CATV Settings for testing with the OneExpert

  • System Settings

    Take a closer look at the various customization options available for your meter in system settings

  • File Browser

    Learn how to view, edit, share and delete test files on the OneExpert CATV

  • OneExpert CATV Firmware Upgrade

    This short video will take you through three methods for upgrading your OneExpert CATV's firmware build.

Section 2: Test Applications

  • OneCheck Application

    Learn how to quickly get a snap shot of critical measurements in OneCheck

  • Channel Check for DOCSIS 3.1

    Learn how to use Channel Check to get detailed Live measures of your channel plan

  • DSAM to ONX Sweep Test Comparison

    Learn the differences between the DSAM 6300 and ONX 630 Sweep Tests

  • Ethernet Speed Test

    Learn about the importance of ethernet through testing at a customer premises to ensure SLAs and user experience expectations are being met.

  • iOS Application

    Increase your productivity by turning your iOS device into a remote control and viewing platform for the OneExpert CATV.

  • WiFi Application

    Learn how to setup the OneExpert as a Wifi Access point and how to employ this feature in a real world scenario.

  • WiFi Scan

    Learn how to use the WiFi Scan Application to evaluate and optimize wifi networks on your customers premises.

    Section 3: Data Management via Stratasync