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Network Performance Monitoring

Observer Apex offers a smart, search-based launch page that intelligently interprets users’ inputs, guiding them to one of three pre-engineered workflows to solve most IT service issues in less than three steps.
Accelerate the detection and remediation of network, application, and service anomalies while strengthening your ongoing IT security initiatives with the best packet capture analytics solution on the market today.
Observer Analyzer monitors unified communications (UC) deployments, network performance, applications, and troubleshooting on complex networks including VM environments.
When migrating to the cloud or ensuring hybrid IT performance, use Observer SightOps to get comprehensive visibility for multiple vendors, including AWS, Azure, and more.
Observer Management Server’s drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to administer software upgrades and authenticate IT staff for performance monitoring tools.
Replicate, aggregate or load balance tool traffic without restriction – all with an intuitive, HTML-based GUI using Observer Matrix.
Cover your edge and remote network sites with Observer Probes. Monitor performance and aggregate across sites with GigaStor within Apex for broad visibility into resource health.
Transfer network traffic from a full-duplex copper link to a copper analysis or security device in a single stream.
Copy traffic from a full-duplex copper link and send it to a copper or optical monitoring device – also available with aggregation functionality.
Easily send Ethernet traffic from a full-duplex copper link to a copper monitoring device with Observer Copper TAPs.
With several options available, you can scale up to 24 modules in one unit of rack with the High-Density Optical TAP (HDOT).

Test & Certification

O padrão do setor em certificação empresarial de redes de cobre e fibra.
Conjunto de teste portátil projetado para a instalação, configuração e manutenção de redes de fibra óptica
A sonda automatizada de inspeção e análise de fibras fornece o recurso de APROVAÇÃO/REPROVAÇÃO para soluções de testes da JDSU, computadores, laptops e dispositivos móveis.
The optical power meter for every fiber technician—compact, intuitive, reliable, and always safe!
Ferramentas de teste de campo de alto desempenho que integram inspeção da fibra, testes ópticos, análise de PASSA/FALHA e certificação da fibra em um único dispositivo portátil.
The fastest and easiest solutions for Tier 1 fiber certification
A solução completa e portátil para sua inspeção de fibra.
O CERTiFi é uma solução baseada na nuvem para equipes que criam, constroem, testam e certificam o cabeamento estruturado nas redes empresariais.
The cost-effective copper certification handheld for enterprise networks.