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In-Home Service Management: Solving the Key Customer Problem

четверг, ноября 19, 2009


Service providers can no longer “leave services at the door”; they must now ensure the entire quality of experience (QoE) for the customer, which includes factoring in performance data from inside the home to do so.

Continuously monitoring the performance of home networking equipment enables service providers to automatically identify customers who are experiencing degraded services, and proactively implement accurate and efficient trouble resolution. The benefits of continuous monitoring for providers include reduced churn, reduced time to repair, and reduced need for expensive field dispatches—all while improving the customer experience.

Combining an automated systems-based, service assurance approach with field tools to gain access to both key performance metrics and physical layer data is essential to ensuring ongoing quality.

Viavi Solutions invites you to join us for a complimentary webinar on Solving the Home Service Management Problem followed by live Q&A session. We will cover these topics:

  • Why in-home service performance is fast becoming the KEY problem facing service providers
  • Challenges that providers must address to effectively manage service quality in the home
  • An overview of the Viavi solution and its overall business benefits