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Using MPEG Monitoring and Alarm-Triggered Post Set Top Box Recording and Analysis to Deliver the Highest Digital Video QoE

четверг, января 21, 2010


Quality of experience (QoE) is emerging as the prevailing competitive factor for digital video operators. And there is no better measure of QoE for an operator than being able to see what the customer is actually viewing. 

By combining MPEG monitoring with alarm-triggered post set top box recording and analysis, operators can obtain an accurate view of their customers' experiences; enabling them to focus troubleshooting and technicians on customer-impacting impairments only.

Join speakers from JDSU and Volicon for a 45 minute presentation followed by live Q&A to learn more about:

  • Monitoring options, including stream vs. content
  • Best practices for measuring QoS and determining their impact on QoE
  • Troubleshooting use cases using alarm-triggered post set top box recording and analysis