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Fibre Channel Across WAN and Optical Links: How to Troubleshoot and Analyze Performance

вторник, июня 12, 2012


​Join Viavi Solutions Inc and Superna to learn about common wide-area networking challenges associated with storage replication over long distances, and how to use packet-inspection and protocol-analysis solutions to troubleshoot and to isolate performance-impacting issues.

Data growth, data center consolidation, and cloud-based services are changing data backup and disaster recovery strategies. Today’s methods require moving large volumes of data across relatively small-capacity links; over long distances; and to, from, and between data centers. Performance issues cause revenue loss, impact productivity, and result in compliance failures. Data center storage protocols are difficult to extend between data centers and create new requirements for network engineering and troubleshooting. Furthermore, third-party service providers often provide the wide-area connections making it a challenge to quickly isolate the root cause of performance issues.

This webinar is for all data center operators and network service providers who implement data backup and disaster recovery that requires storage replication over wide-area networks.