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100G in the Metro: When and Where It Will Be Economical

среда, февраля 19, 2014


Coherent 100G optical technologies are being widely deployed in core networks, and for good reason. Their higher capacity, longer reach, ease of management, and cost efficiency help address many operator pain points. But do the economics of 100G carry over to the metro, where space limitations have long necessitated the use of smaller, lower-powered solutions? This webinar covers new approaches and technologies for cost-effectively deploying 100G in the metro and looks at several rollout scenarios.

What You Will Learn

  • When and where 100G will be more economical in the metro
  • Non-coherent options: What’s available now, and what’s coming next
  • Coherent vs. non-coherent
  • How vendors are making metro 100G more viable via better density and faster speeds
  • Using testing to facilitate deployment and decrease the cost of 100G in the metro
  • Answers to audience questions during live Q&A