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TechComplete™ Test Productivity Pack (TPP) Software


If your system has a 64 bit operating system and you are installing TPP it is recommended that you download and install TPP 5.0 which is the latest release.\

TPP 4.8 is available for download for use on 32 bit Operating systems and will not receive further updates.

Select this link to install TPP 5.0 for 64 bit Operating Systems.

TPP Version 4.8 Software Release

Key Benefits

  • Increases management efficiency with simplified meter inventory access & control
  • Easy access to critical information with simple drill-down to data file
  • Improved failure analysis and reporting
  • Includes DSAM 4.1 related features & compatibility

TPP Version 4.8 is an integral part of the successful deployment of the new DSAM version 4.1

New Features Related to DSAM 4.1

Note: TPP Version 4.8 supports both XT and non-XT DSAM models.  It is very important to note that DSAM 4.1 firmware can be deployed to only XT DSAMs with TPP version 4.8.  Prior TPP versions do not support DSAM firmware version 4.1.

Upstream Transmit Limit (Max & Min)

Advanced Digital Measurements (Equalizer Option Support)

  • Speed troubleshooting with enhanced QAM signal information
  • Uncover hidden issues with "EQ" warning in level mode
  • Quickly find problem root cause with in-channel response and group delay display

New Features Related to TPP V4.8

Administrative & User Management Support

  • New administrative level
    • "Users: Configure All" Permission is considered the "Super Admin"
    • New "Users: Configure All Limited" Permission has less abilities, cannot modify a user with 'Configure All' permission
  • Email addresses
    • New field added to the User Add and User Edit forms
    • New 'Find and E-mail' in user list page
  • Custom user fields
    • Up to 4 custom fields are supported in the user section's Add User and Edit User pages
  • Administrator tracking
    • High level add/edit/delete actions logged to new files on the file system

DSAM Release Support 

  • Support for Equalizer SW option advanced digital measurement test files
  • Pass/Fail limit modifications
    • Max & Min Modem Upstream Transmit level (New)
    • Max Hum & Min C/N (changed to match DSAM)
  • Home Certification improvements – Removal of indeterminate states

Platform Evolution

  • 64 bit Windows 7 Pro & 2008 (SE & EE) support
  • Partial web asset management
    • Most of the common asset management features from the Thick Client (the "manage meter assets" section) are now available in the Web Client
  • Modified asset inventory view to have fixed headers and user selectable columns

Workflow Solutions – Home Certification

  • Drill Down Reporting
    • Available in TPP Web's Summary reports via the  name links
  • Failure Analysis and Reports Module Option
    • SW option available in TPP Web's home certification section under trouble shooting reports.
    • Multiple technician IDs are supported
    • Channel Plan Search criteria now has a dropdown populated with recently used Channel Plans
  • Limit Location setting in Certification Management Reporting System (CMRS)
    • The CMRS application's Parameter configuration section now supports selecting the limit sets applicable to required tests

Ordering Information:

Failure Analysis and Reporting Module

Part Numbers

  • TPP Failure Reports for Home Certification:  TPP-FAILURE-RPRT-LIC

Proof of Performance (PoP) Reporting Module

Part Numbers

  • When ordered with TPP:  TPP-POP-RPRT-LIC-FAC
  • When ordered as an upgrade (from versions 4.3, 4.4, 4.4.1, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7):  TPP-POP-RPRT-LIC-FLD           

Bug Fixes included in TPP v4.8:

Fixed an infrequent sync error that was discovered to affect servers under heavy synchronization load.  The failure would cause synchronization failures once in a while.  

  • These failures would not be visible on a DSAM, but would be visible on TPP.
  • Fixed 33+ character user name sync issue
  • POP Software issues
    • Fixed Aural Carrier Frequency and Visual Carrier Frequency being truncated when imported via CSV file
    • 24 hour PoP reports shall only consider 4 files to be in compliance if they are each 5 to 7 hours apart each.
  • Viewing sync log on Web

TPP OS Support (Microsoft® Windows™):

  • XP (Professional and Home) (Home only for TPP Clients)
  • 2003 Server (Standard or Enterprise)
  • VISTA Enterprise
  • 2008 Server (Standard or Enterprise) (64 bit version)
  • Windows 7 Professional (32 bit and 64 bit version)

TPP Administrators: please pay attention to the DSAM upgrade instructions below.

It is highly recommended that TPP be upgraded to version 4.8 prior to upgrading DSAM firmware to version 4.1. 

DSAM Firmware upgrade support:

DSAM 3.7.3 (and earlier versions) for XT and non-XT (original) meters:

  • Deployable by all TPP versions.
  • Exists as an XML and ZIP file with the same name, except for the file extensions

DSAM 3.7.4 for non-XT (original) meters:

  • Deployable by TPP 4.8 and later.
    • TPP 4.8 and later will not list (or allow selection) of any XT meters for deployment.
    • This protects the customer from damaging their meter with the wrong firmware.
  • Only exists as a ZIP file (no separate XML file)
  • TPP 4.6 will not allow browsing to the DSAM 3.7.4 firmware, since there is no external XML file to find.
  • If the XML file is extracted from the upgrade ZIP file and you attempted to use this for upgrade, you will get an error message and be prevented from deploying the firmware

DSAM 4.1 (and future/later versions): for XT meters only

  • Deployable by TPP 4.8 and later.
    • TPP v4.7 and later will not list (or allow selection) of any non-XT meters for deployment.
    • This protects the customer from damaging their meter with the wrong firmware.
  • Only exists as a ZIP file (no separate XML file).
  • TPP 4.6 will not allow browsing to the DSAM 4.1 firmware, since there is no external XML file to find.
    • If a customer extracts the XML file internal to the ZIP file, they'll get an error which still prevents deployment of the firmware.

DSAM Meter Option and BPI+ Certificate deployment support:

  • All versions of these files (always with an XML and ZIP file pair) will be deployable by any version of TPP.

DSAM Upgrade Matrix (summary):

Firmware deployable by TPP

DSAM 3.7.x and earlier firmware for all DSAM meters

DSAM 4.0 and later firmware for XT meters only

TPP 4.6 and earlier


Not recognized as a firmware upgrade file

TPP 4.7 and later



Download Versions

Test Productivity Pack

Upgrade TPP clients

Test Productivity Pack

Upgrade TPP servers
The server/client version will upgrade both the server component AND the client on the server machine.  Do NOT use this version on stand-alone client machines.

Note: Zipped files must be unzipped prior to executing them.

Upgrading TPP from Earlier Versions

In order to upgrade your TPP software to version 4.8, you must start from at least version 4.4 (see table below). If you have an earlier version than 4.4, you must first upgrade from your version to a higher version. Please call TAC if you have any questions.

Upgrade from:

Upgrade to:

Release Date 
(for "Upgrade to" version):

All previous



3.0, 3.1, 4.0, 4.1



4.0, 4.1, 4.2



4.1, 4.2, 4.3

4.4 & 4.4.1


4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.4.1



4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.4.1, 4.5

4.6 (previously called 4.5.1)


4.3, 4.4, 4.4.1, 4.5, 4.6



4.4, 4.4.1, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7



Links to earlier software versions (HTTP, not FTP):

HTTP Links for TPP v4.8