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Оборудование сети

Highly configurable, multi-application and multi-port platform for system verification and acceptance testing.
The 400G CFP8 Module is a scalable test solution based on the latest draft standard for 400G Ethernet (IEEE 802.3 bs) and ready for OTUC4. It boasts a CFP8 slot to host the first-generation 400G pluggables; future FlexE and FlexO applications are addressed via 5 QSFP28 slots.
Решение ONT-100G поддерживает тестирование 100G и проверку новых высокоскоростных сетевых элементов 40GE и 100GE Ethernet. Возможны оценка физического уровня, уровней PCS/MAC и тестирование QoS на скорости передачи данных 40GE и 100GE
The MTM provides high density 155M to 11.3G testing at layers 1 through 3. Concurrent users can control a broad protocol range including OTN, GigE/10GigE LAN, SONET/SDH, and Fibre Channel.
The Wander Analysis Software is an advanced synchronization evaluation tool with the ability to import and analyze TIE data. Additionaly the TIE, MTIE, and TDEV evaluation, other analysis functions are available: RTIE, MRTIE, MADEV, ADEV, FFO, and FFD.