NetComplete EtherASSURE Test and Turn-up

Centralized Ethernet turn-up test and troubleshooting tool for Service Activation of Business Ethernet and Mobile Backhaul applications.

Automated, centralized network testing

An integral part of the VIAVI NetComplete Service Assurance portfolio, EtherASSURE Test and Turn-up is a powerful test and management Operation Support System (OSS) that serves at the core of a successful Quality of Service (QoS) test and monitoring strategy for both IP packet and TDM circuit networks supporting xDSL, Ethernet, IP data, DS3/1/0, E1,VF, DDS, SONET and SDH/PDH.


  • Streamlines service and network test and monitoring by providing 24x7 automated test and monitoring from a centralized location.
  • Point and click operation enables rapid turn-up and recovery - dramatically improving customer service, minimizing revenue losses associated with service outages.
  • Flow-through service turn-up validation accelerates time to billable revenue.
  • Common tool supporting testing of multiple communication service, both next-generation IP packet network services and traditional TDM transport network services, all from a single platform reduces costs of supporting multiple toolsets.
  • Effective management of test resource administration from a centralized common graphical user interface simplifies maintaining distributed test resources.
  • Flexible, scaleable architecture that easily accommodates growth as the service provider's network evolves.
  • Designed for evolving network operations and IT infrastructures
  • with open APIs to accelerate the integration of test functionality with other business process work flows.


  • Automatic flow through service turn-up verification.
  • Standardization of best practice testing.
  • Integrated test management of multiple services.
  • Rapid network problem sectionalization and fault isolation.
  • Scheduled testing.
  • Ethernet/xDSL access technology testing.
  • IP data service quality and availability testing and monitoring.
  • Transport services from DS0 to OC-192 and E1 to STM-64 testing.

Key Features

  • Powerful scheduling, scripting and test/results management functions.
  • Open APIs to facilitate simple integration with existing OSS and back-office systems.
  • JAVA, XML and Web Service Architecture (SOA) simplify custom feature additions.
  • Flexible, scalable and modular deployment options.
  • IT firewall compliant, secure encrypted network communications support.

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