Wireshark Week: Is it the Server, Network, or Application?

Donnerstag, November 19, 2015

It’s Wireshark Week at VIAVI Solutions and we’re chumming the waters with our freshest troubleshooting strategies and jaw-dropping hacks, especially for Wireshark users.

Often in troubleshooting complex multi-tiered application issues, the greatest challenge can be knowing where to start. This session explains how to quickly isolate the issue to the network or a specific application tier.

Learn to:

  • Configure and customize Wireshark to monitor and assess RTT
  • Use network round trip time (RTT) and 3-way handshake to pinpoint cause
  • Assess where performance is failing
  • Drill into server processing time and server fulfillment time
  • Obtain evidence with Wireshark to prove it’s not the network
  • Use application transaction analysis to isolate which app tier causes slow down

If you use Wireshark and would like to resolve issues faster, sign up for this unique webinar series today. Registration is first come, first served and session attendance is limited.