Montag, Mai 9, 2016 bis Donnerstag, Mai 12, 2016
- Nice

Explore Catalyst Project Demonstrations for Transforming Networks & Unlocking Potential

VIAVI is participating in TM Forum catalyst projects that demonstrate innovative approaches for optimizing customer experience and profitability in virtualized networks, and open models for extracting more business value from network big data.

Join us at this event to see how the VIAVI end-to-end visibility and real-time intelligence enables advanced analytics, and learn how you can apply these innovative proof-of-concept collaborations to transform networks and unlock potential.

Catalyst Projects Overview:

Maximizing Profitability with NFV Orchestration
Orchestrated closed-loop test and assurance for reliable delivery of critical services in 5G sliced networks.

This catalyst presents the benefits of using orchestration (closed loop) integrated with virtualized test and assurance functions for network provisioning and monitoring to ensure the network slices deliver the services to the required quality levels and with optimal resource utilization. 

Orchestrated (self-configuring) network control and emerging 5G specifications enable end-to-end network slices for delivery of services. These network slices enable separation of network services to enable isolation for service quality and security.  VIAVI is partnering with NTT and Ericsson and others to demonstrate this capability and includes the following solutions:

  • VIAVI Solutions - xSIGHT Customer Experience Assurance Solution
  • VIAVI Solutions - ariesoGEO – Network Location Intelligence
  • VIAVI Solutions – EtherASSURE – Ethernet Service Assurance
  • Ericsson – Cloud Manager

Champion: NTT
Participants: Ericsson, Aria, VIAVI, SAS, WeDo

CPE Virtualization in the Home
The focus of this project is the development of predictive analytics and enhanced diagnostics in a virtualized CPE (vCPE) environment to offer proactive care of residential IP services, including:

  1. Monitoring home devices and distributed virtualized functions to detect service degradation issues – proactively.
  2. Collecting contextual data and identify service degradation signature patterns to help with predictive analytics and building a knowledge base to promote closed-loop automation.

The project also continues the analysis of multi SDO metrics and identification of new business and customer experience metrics based on a virtualized environment, needed to support proactive care. In addition, the project will look into producing the ROI analysis based upon services delivered through the vCPE.

The VIAVI Video Service Assurance (VSA) solution provides proactive visibility and troubleshooting to ensure video quality of service.

Champions: AT&T, Telecom Italia, Orange

Participants: Ericsson, Infosys, VIAVI, SAS, EXFO, HDS

Big Data Openness for Application Development Ecosystem
The objective of this Catalyst is to build an open platform to help service providers get value from their data.

This catalyst is about big data openness and monetization, it explores the open and dynamic mechanism to help service providers to extract the value of data and to increase their business revenue. The principle concept of this catalyst is enabling the big data application ecosystem from data preparing, data exchange to app development, the catalyst provides an open and can be standardized solution to prove this mechanism and concept. Data refining (normalization, aggregation, correlation, key information identification) and openness agility are the major innovation target of this project. It allows different parties, (in this catalyst, we have a data ingestion party, data refining party, application development party) to engage in the data application ecosystem easily, and will provide online service and API configuration mechanism for enhancing agile data openness. According to ever-changing business requirement, CSPs can leverage the data value by open framework and information sharing.

Champions: China Mobile, STC

Participants: Huawei, Guavus, VIAVI, HighJet, EbiStrategy