Improve VoIP User Experience

Dienstag, März 27, 2018

An IT Alter Ego Series Webinar

Turn VoIP user experience up to eleven by finding out how to mitigate the top three challenges faced by network operations teams.

  • Duration: 60 Minutes

You may not be an audio engineer or a music producer but to your network users, you're still responsible for the sounds coming through their speakers. With sensitive unified communications (UC) like VoIP, it’s tough to know when user experience is affected.

The new IT Alter Ego Webinar series kicks off with: Improve VoIP User Experience. Learn how to engage the skills of your own IT “alter ego” to:

  • Confirm issue and domain isolation
  • Assess remote user experience
  • Manage and validate Quality of Service (QoS)

Unleash your inner superpowers with time-saving troubleshooting and network monitoring strategies every other month with the new Alter Ego webinar series. Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming Network Troubleshooting topic in May.