Packet Pushers

Solve Performance and Security Issues with Insight from the User’s Perspective

Whether managing end-user experience issues related to network performance or assisting in the identification and remediation of security breaches one thing is clear – IT requires the right data, and context for that data, to quickly identify and resolve any issue.

With increasingly advanced networking technology and more performance data than ever before, why do end-users still complain? Why are the tools you are using not helping you solve problems faster? And every year billions of dollars are spent on security prevention, yet hundreds of enterprises experience breaches.

What can IT do to prepare themselves for the unexpected?

IT Security Spends

Enterprises dedicate 50x more budget to prevention than investigation, but is it working?

The User’s Experience is Always Right

Simplify the identification and resolution of network and application performance issues that impact end-user experience.

VIAVI’s Observer platform is the bridge between NetOps and SecOps, providing a single unified data set that captures and stores the most robust wire data available for issue identification and remediation. This pure, unaltered packet and flow data is analyzed to present views across the entire IT landscape with simple end-user experience scoring as well as threat alert features. Teams can use automated workflows to dive into high-fidelity network evidence and solve the root-cause of the issue – minimizing impact on users and business operations.

Network Security Performance Graphic

Take a new approach to any performance or security issue with:

  • 40 Gbps packet capture with over a petabyte of storage
  • Enriched flow records combining user, device, flow and cloud data
  • 3-click workflows to drill into problems for quick resolution

"Gigastor and Observer have been critical to the corporation in resolving difficult network and security issues especially with regard to vendor troubles, but also servers and infrastructure. APEX provides analysis and visibility to engineers who are not familiar with packet capture and analysis."
Lead Infrastructure Engineer, $30B+ Financial Enterprise  - Read Full Review

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