Salus K12 EMS

School Event Response Management System

Comprehensive Event Response from a Single Click, Anywhere

Salus K12 EMS

The best possible outcome for students and staff when faced with a major event like extreme weather or an active shooter requires a comprehensive event response. A flurry of text messages from an offsite cloud EMS is not enough, an effective event response must include coordinated PA communications, door and light controls, and more. You can count on Salus K12 from the global-industry leader in integrated Emergency Alert Systems to ensure that your pre-loaded emergency response plan is flawlessly executed quickly and correctly in all situations, minimizing chaos and saving lives.

Key Benefits

  • Ensures flawless automated execution of comprehensive response plan every time
  • Full control over event response enabled by deep integration of purpose-built HW into existing school infrastructure
  • Provides clear/timely communication to all stakeholders with maximum reliability
  • First responders are directly notified within seconds of activation
  • Accessible via many different methods

Key Features

  • Communicate remotely in real-time over your existing PA system
  • Flexible messaging customized per stakeholder group
  • Interconnection enables cross-campus messaging
  • Superior reliability enabled by onsite HW
  • Built upon established, proven EAS platform backed by $1B company


  • Automated response plan execution during crisis situations and drills
  • Remote access to existing PA system 24/7

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