Understanding 5G: Lessons from the Field

Donnerstag, Oktober 17, 2019

Time: 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET  /  4 PM CET


As 5G networks begin to mainstream, service providers urgently need to deepen their understanding of the myriad architecture, technology and application elements that must work in perfect concert to generate new revenues from 5G use cases and yield profitability. The importance—and revenue potential—of fast and reliable mobile service has never been greater. Transcending voice and speed, 5G promises the capacity, reliability and ultra-low latency required for mission-critical services and the growth of massive IoT.

To make the 4G to 5G transition and to achieve the potential 5G offers, service providers must implement a comprehensive strategy that includes a reliable testing and measurement approach as they build and deploy their networks.

Register for this webinar that explores best 5G practices by looking at steps VIAVI has taken to date to turn early commercial 5G launches into successes, particularly the tools it has used to validate performance in the lab, test and verify service in the field, and give unparalleled visibility into network-wide optimization and maintenance.

Complimentary Preview

Registrants for this webinar will receive a link to preview chapter one of Understanding 5G: A practical guide to deploying and operating 5G networks, a new book from VIAVI Solutions. This indispensable reference breaks the complex technology into distinct categories containing the critical details necessary for multiple audiences.

Understanding 5G

Key Topics for Discussion

  • Current state of commercial 5G
  • Insights learned from early 5G adopters
  • 5G planning, deployment, management and monetization best practices
  • Live Q&A with audience