Introducing Observer Version 18

Unsurpassed Data for Complete End-User Experience Visibility and Network Security Insight.

End-User Experience Monitoring and Network Security – It’s all about the data you collect and how you use it

Discover the latest evolution of VIAVI Observer Platform. End-user experience monitoring scoring, streamlined workflows and high-fidelity forensics, powered by the fastest capture box available and bought together in one easy-to-use network and security solution.

Whether remediating performance issues or security threats, IT teams need immediate access to the right data for a complete picture of problem cause and effect. You can’t manage what you can’t see.

With more data, come more visibility challenges. How can teams keep up?

Observer version 18 introduces new features and enhancements to make it easier than ever to understand what’s really impacting users on the network and more rapidly identify potential security threats while streamlining workflows drill into high fidelity network data forensics to solve complex problems faster than ever.

To keep up with the challenge of ever-increasing network speeds, user traffic and content, resulting in tidal waves of data to analyze, VIAVI is proud to introduce the latest version of Observer, backed by the horsepower of the new GigaStor Gen 4. Confirmed by Tolly Research Group at 60 Gbps capture rates, GigaStor Gen 4 provides IT teams the most comprehensive, trust-worthy data source on the market for end-user experience monitoring and security analysis.

No End in Sight for Growing Traffic Volumes

Whether you’re focused on maintaining or improving network performance for end users, or tasked with securing your IT infrastructure, Observer 18 delivers. Here’s what you can expect:

Streamlined Workflows

Better Together
Complete packet and enriched flow data now coexist in Apex allowing all levels of expertise access to various tiers of IT visibility, using their preferred data sources, for QoS measurements, baselining, capacity planning, etc. This single dashboard perspective improves operational efficiencies through boosted data quality helpful, intuitive visualization, and simplified workflows for any level of IT user.

What’s Connected? Who’s Communicating?
The ability to identify a user, determine the location of their login device and how it connects to the network is invaluable for security and performance use-cases. Search and quickly drill down for any endpoint by IP, MAC or even username in order to see the Layer 2 and Layer 3 devices it uses to access and traverse the network

Profile Threats
A new, easy wizard-driven configuration method for Threat Profiles allows you to quickly and confidently define the hosts and services you want to monitor for suspicious traffic patterns. Real-time alarms alert if traffic outside of the allowed patterns is detected and reduce or eliminate false positives that can obscure real issues and waste resources

Enhanced End-User Experience

Keeping it “Real”: Real-time visibility is crucial for understanding what’s impacting end-users of your network and applications. GigaStor Gen 4 produces metadata faster than ever, feeding data to Apex with visualizations and End-User Experience Scoring, assuring IT teams they have the most up-to-date and accurate understanding of network performance from the eyes of their users.

Increased Data Forensic Quality

The Need for Speed: GigaStor Gen 4 has been validated by Tolly Research Group to capture traffic at more than 60 Gbps – the fastest independently validated rate available in the market. With a more than 50% performance improvement, your organization benefits are numerous. Compared with other solutions that can drop packets or restrict filtering that can create monitoring blind spots, Observer delivers the power and capacity to exceed IT business expectations via comprehensive network visibility into performance issues and security threats.

Tolly Research Group

Decreased Operating Costs

  • Save on space: the new Gen 4 GigaStor delivers even faster packet capture rates, with greater storage capacity - all in a 67% smaller footprint than the previous GigaStor; more than 87% less than earlier GigaStor models– saving you space and operational costs in your data center.  Easier installation with fewer enclosures, less disruptive deployment, and significantly reduced rack requirement means keeping the lid on costs.
  • Lower power consumption: Going green to help the environment and improve your bottom line with lower energy costs has never been easier. GigaStor Gen4 can save thousands of dollars annually in power consumption with additional savings in cooling while improving overall data center operational efficiency.
  • Metadata creation: The most up-to-date dashboard information and accurate EUE scoring calculations means you have improved operational awareness, more useful data than can be used across your network operations and security teams, and reduced time in war rooms. GigaStor helps your team spend less time rooting out cause and more time focused on resolution.


VIAVI remains consistently dedicated to delivering price vs. performance leadership for IT teams. Our leadership stems from unique delivery of End-User Experience Scoring, Stream-Lined Workflows, and High-Fidelity Data for Forensics. With this release, we’ve raised the bar and continue to deliver faster results for our customers.