The Sudden Rise of Open RAN

Juni 23, 2020

8 am San Francisco / 11 am New York / 4 pm London

The commercial pressures of 5G, including limited choice and price competition in the network equipment market, are motivating many operators to explore new network solutions and different equipment suppliers.

Open RAN is one approach that promises a more efficient, flexible radio network architecture by using open interfaces to create vendor interoperability between the radio and baseband unit (BBU). The technology also stands to increase vendor competition by unlocking the market for new players.

With growing operator interest in Open RAN, incumbent RAN vendors – if they are to compete – must acknowledge the openness trend, whether they are prepared to embrace the principles of open interfaces and greater interoperability or not. Join this webinar for an insightful primer on Open RAN: how it works, what the options are, and why it’s gaining momentum.

Who Should Attend

Equipment vendors, system integrators, mobile communication service providers, regulators, industry media and the financial investment community.

Key Topics for Discussion

  • Different approaches to Open RAN
  • Lessons learned from early deployments
  • Open RAN hype vs. reality
  • Answers to audience questions during live Q&A