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VIAVI network performance monitoring and diagnostics (NPMD) solutions offer the ability to mine network data and apply deep analysis to optimize IT resources in real time or post-event.

Monitor Network Performance to Gain Valuable Insight

Wondering how to baseline and monitor network performance? Too many fingers pointed at network teams and too little time to read and get ahead of complaints, logs, and reports can be a source of ongoing frustration. The greatest network performance monitoring challenge is knowing where to begin searching for the true source of issues. Decentralized networks, the IoT, SD-WAN, and the complex topology of SaaS cloud solutions have only added to this dilemma. 

Need to optimize network performance? In today’s remote working environment, many IT departments have only limited access to remote users and their endpoints. The need for comprehensive infrastructure monitoring and deep insight into the remote end-user experience has never been greater.

The network performance monitoring system, or NPM tools, from VIAVI proactively identify the most serious network issues. IT teams are pointed to solutions through advanced end-user experience scoring, logical diagnostics, and intuitive out-of-the-box workflows. All Observer 3D intelligence can be backed by complete, unaltered packet and flow data, providing the granularity needed to support cybersecurity investigations. VIAVI NPM solutions empower IT teams to dive in quickly, triage network performance issues, and drive intervention before a blackout can occur.

Network Performance Monitoring with Observer 3D and GigaStor 

With the introduction of Observer 3D, full-fidelity packet data, metadata, and flow visibility are bolstered by patented VIAVI End-User Experience Scoring. Over 30 network KPIs are intelligently analyzed through machine-learning driven algorithms to produce improved issue identification and prioritization. Observer 3D uses predictive analytics to optimize network performance monitoring in any hosting environment. This includes public and private cloud, remote user locations, and on-premises data centers. 

With Observer GigaStor, VIAVI delivers the fastest independently validated wire data capture stream-to-disk (S2D) speeds at 60 Gbps in one easy-to-install appliance, allowing you to scale with the demands of today’s increasingly connected world. GigaStor provides a treasure trove of back-in-time packet data insights along with valuable end-user scoring input to support the Observer 3D platform with every network conversation.

Nitro Insights Powered by Observer

Observer provides comprehensive status visibility and insight into critical IT resources. By providing network performance monitoring from the end-user perspective, Observer allows network and operations teams to ensure application delivery and effective IT services through three critical use cases: 

  • Manage Business Delivery & Cloud Adoption / Migration: IT teams improve business level visibility into the end-user experience for critical applications, remote working environments, and today’s cloud deployments. This enables a more proactive approach to cloud service delivery and cybersecurity in a hybrid environment.
  • Mitigate Risk from Change and Unexpected Events: Effective network performance monitoring minimizes the inherent risk, frequency, and impact of unexpected events and ongoing change whether associated with project delays, regulatory compliance issues, or cybersecurity remediations. Pre/post cloud migration assessment and benchmarking is a key element of this proactive strategy.
  • Solve Performance and Cybersecurity Issues: Cloud-hosted applications create monitoring blind spots. This makes it challenging to identify the origin, scope, and impact of security and performance issues quickly. Observer replaces siloed responses and subjective end user complaints with end-to-end network visibility and predictive intelligence.


Manage, Mitigate, Solve Cyber Security Issues

Monitor, Triage, and Troubleshoot Your Network

With the Observer Platform from VIAVI Solutions, we have been able to prove when it is (or isn’t) the network that is the problem. We can also help application programmers and system administrators understand and correct what the problem may be.

Eric Klaus, Network Administrator
Exmark Manufacturing Co., Inc.

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