Wireshark Week: Troubleshooting High-Speed Networks

Friday, December 14, 2018

Sink your teeth into an entire week of strategies from Wireshark experts designed to sharpen your troubleshooting skills.


When troubleshooting sporadic issues in high-speed environments, it can be difficult to successfully capture and resolve the problem. Chris Greer, professional packet analyst, presents a dual-pronged strategy to improve visibility and troubleshooting by understanding the best circumstances to use software and hardware capture and monitoring.

Learn To:

  • Identify the capture and analysis limits of a laptop
  • Understand how big packet haystacks can get on large networks
  • Efficiently filter through large packet haystacks to find root cause
  • Utilize powerful complementary metrics and analysis to streamline troubleshooting

Enjoy the freshest troubleshooting strategies and jaw-dropping hacks, especially for Wireshark users. Attend all five sessions and we’ll provide you with a certificate to showcase your learning.