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VIAVI network performance monitoring and diagnostics (NPMD) tools offer the ability to mine network data and apply deep packet analysis to optimize IT resources in real time or post-event.

Monitor Network Performance to Gain Valuable Insight

With emerging technologies such as unified communications, hybrid cloud, network security forensics, and virtualization paired with the rapid rate of change, network managers and network engineers need end-to-end insight and complete network visibility from the physical infrastructure and storage to the network and newest applications.

VIAVI enterprise network performance monitoring tools provide comprehensive insight into network, storage, applications, and infrastructure. This powerful toolset features fast capture rates and over a petabyte of storage capacity for retrospective network analysis. Real-time and historical summary dashboards, traffic-flow analytics, utilization metrics, and a snapshot of your delivery system all help ensure that your network's performance is fully optimized.

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Maintain Peak Network Performance Monitoring of all IT Services

Comprehensive network performance monitoring tools are ideal for maintaining peak performance of all IT services. Learn how the VIAVI network performance monitoring solution delivers critical KPIs through pre-defined workflows from high-level dashboards to service anomaly root cause for the following IT services:

  • Unified Communications

    With little room for error, unified communications (UC) management and troubleshooting is daunting. Video, VoIP, instant messaging, and email create challenges that include massive bandwidth demands, inter-service dependencies, and complex troubleshooting. The VIAVI network performance monitoring solution provides total visibility for the network ecosystem and application analysis within an environmental context for insight into resource and service conflicts with potential end-user impact.

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  • Security Forensics and Threat Identification

    Security threats against IT resources continue to escalate and successful breaches often take months to detect and even longer still to resolve. The key to breaking this never-ending cycle and limiting the damage is comprehensive network traffic and infrastructure visibility. VIAVI Observer provides this network awareness validating and resolving performance and security anomalies like no other network performance and diagnostic (NPMD) solution.

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  • Virtualization and SDN

    The challenge for service delivery teams whether server, network, or infrastructure lies in knowing the health of virtualized infrastructure operations and software-defined networks (SDN). This means understanding the performance status of all virtualized environments, their underlying host health, and relevant applications that run in these environments. The VIAVI network performance monitoring solution gives teams complete gigabit ethernet, 10 gigabit, and 40 gigabit visibility on high-capacity access layer links to, and from the virtualized servers.

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  • Cloud and Hybrid IT

    Monitoring and troubleshooting problems in cloud and hybrid IT environments can be complex and utilize an increasing number of resources. There is also concern that a lack of cloud visibility will prevent enterprises from fully optimizing the end-user experience and ROI of cloud and hybrid IT applications. The VIAVI network performance monitoring solution provides cloud monitoring capabilities that help organizations to meet and exceed end-user expectations by facilitating the delivery of exceptional service and quick issue resolution, no matter where supporting IT assets reside.

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What is Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics?

A network performance monitoring and diagnostics or NPMD solution measures, quantifies, and reports on relevant metrics related to the IT resources. It is used by an organization for the purposes of troubleshooting network issues and anomalies, while optimizing overall service delivery. This includes applications and services along with the network itself and anything connected to it, such as routers, switches, servers, clients, and storage appliances.

Next-Generation Network Performance Management

In today’s emerging hybrid IT environment, awareness of assets hosted in the cloud is also important, as is the ability to monitor technologies like SDN. Given the highly geographically distributed nature of today’s underlying supporting hybrid IT resources, the complexity of the applications, and the rapidly changing technology landscape, the challenge for a network performance monitoring and diagnostics solution is to provide a comprehensive view into overall service delivery and health for all levels of the organization.

How Can Network Performance Monitoring Aid Existing IT Security Initiatives?

Comprehensive network performance monitoring solutions enhance security offering in-depth visibility into traffic traversing the network and underlying infrastructure that controls conversation flows. With this information, SecOps and NetOps teams can profile user and device activities, and then use this data to quickly detect and alert on possible rogue behavior. In addition, this information is valuable post-event to clean-up compromised assets and assess specifically what company intellectual material may have been compromised.

With the Observer Platform from VIAVI Solutions, we have been able to prove when it is (or isn’t) the network that is the problem. We can also help application programmers and system administrators understand and correct what the problem may be.

Eric Klaus, Network Administrator
Exmark Manufacturing Co., Inc.

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