End-To-End Wireless Network Test: Service Centers

To request a RMA through our self-service portal, click here, select your region and complete all the sections and submit it on line, by return email you will be given an RMA number and appropriate shipping instructions for your product. Some products are subject to licences and export controls and shipping instructions will be provided separately once checked by the support team.

Your RMA number is unique to you and should be used on any follow-up communications we recommend you just reply to the email we send you to ensure a quick response.

If you would like to speak to a member of our support team please contact the Support Centre by telephone or email these are operated 24/5 or you can leave a message and an agent will respond as soon as they can.

Globally:  +44 (0) 8706 080134

By email: Support personnel can be reached here.

To contact either the Head of Global Service or Services Director please click here for issues and escalations

For ATE issues please email the ATE support team on click here

If you have an issue with your UE test product (7100, 2201 etc.) click here

If you have queries about a spare part for your unit please contact our spares team click here

A variety of support programs, contract options and services are available please contact us for more details here