Color Trends 2018: Balance

This year our focus is on balance. Usually the discussion of balance involves the quest for balance between the areas of our lives.

Our focus, here, is evolving the future of balance – balance within each area of our lives. This shift inspires us to examine each aspect of our lives with the goal of promoting wellness and balance within each aspect. In that spirit, we are pleased to introduce our four color families for 2018 – Work, Rest, Play and Feast.

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VIAVI pigments create special option colors suitable for automotive and other OEM applications. ChromaFlair® pigments create a color-shifting effect, reflecting different colors as viewing and illumination angles change.  SpectraFlair® pigments create bright rainbow prisms over a silver metallic base. Both pigments enhance the contours of three-dimensional parts and can be styled to create elegant to dramatic visual effects.

In addition to our annual color trends, VIAVI provides a variety of design services for color professionals, creating custom-styled colors to meet your individual needs.

Color Trends 2018: Balance