TMLite Network Tester

Early Functional Network Test

TMLite is a cost-effective multiple UE simulator, running on an industry-standard server.

TMLite Network Tester

The TMLite has been specifically designed to give R&D engineers access to leading-edge functionality and logging as an alternative to handsets.

The TMLite is a derivative of the defacto TM500 Network Tester Family - the leader in functional, system and capacity testing since 3G.  Delivering the same engineering expertise, leading technology and connectivity all in a smaller form factor - Addressing the  limitations with using alternative solutions for very early feature development that lack the maturity. TMLite offers comprehensive debugging tools, and a validated automation framework to accelerate 3GPP gNB development that other tools may not have, early in the development cycle.

Decades of experience in developing industry-leading lab test tools for both traditional cellular networks and virtualized networks gives VIAVI the expertise to deliver this new product in a commercially available server.

TMLite is the product of choice for 5G NR functional testing of the latest 3GPP features for up to 32 UEs.  As a derivative of the industry standard TM500, the TMLite shares the same software stack, reducing risks in integration and providing the quality and stability expected by those already familiar with the TM500 family. This is of course all delivered with a superior support model with access to VIAVI industry-leading engineers.


  • Same family as the defacto TM500 Test Mobile that is used extensively by the world’s leading vendors and operators
  • Single server supports 5G SA with support for 2x2/4x4MIMO​
  • Supports up to 32 UEs​
  • For functional early R&D development testing
  • RF Test interface​
  • PDCP, NAS, MTS​ Test Modes
  • 5G NR: SA, NSA​
  • Automation​ and logging capability
  • Data applications​
  • Bandwidth 100 MHz​


  • Compliments existing TM500 family of products​
  • Cost effective product suitable for very early functional testing​
  • Excellent logging capabilities
  • Comprehensive debugging capabilities
  • High stability
  • Small footprint


  • 5G Testing
  • Small Cell Testing
  • Early Functional Testing
  • Development Testing
  • Layer 1 Testing

How to Get Started

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