Confirm User Experience at Every Troubleshooting Step With 17.5 Release

Patent-pending End-User Experience Score technology empowers any engineer to validate and solve user experience issues with a single score

When users complain, engineers can be overwhelmed sifting through a sea of KPIs to deduce what exactly users experienced. It can be even more confusing when all indicators are green, yet user experience problems persist.  According to Forrester Research, one-third of user complaints linger without resolution for a month or are never resolved.

Our latest Observer release flips performance monitoring on its head, by fully integrating intelligent end-user experience scoring with workflows for any transaction. The patent-pending End-User Experience Score uses adaptive machine learning to run hundreds of data sets through an algorithm to output a single score which indicates problem domain with a simple problem explanation along with performance visualizations. As a part of investigative workflows, engineers can quickly solve any issue and provide filtered wire-data evidence to IT teams.

"This is not looking for a needle in a haystack. It's turning on an extremely powerful magnet and letting the needle come to you."
Jonathan Davis - It Must be the Network...

Observer 17.5 Key Features:

Operationalized End-User Experience Scoring and Workflows

Understand over time how users, by location or service, are experiencing an application with a single score. Integrated with out-of-the-box workflows, End User Experience Scores empower any engineer to navigate a guided path to resolution. Backed by complete wire-data, the filtered, relevant insight can be provided to appropriate IT parties to take corrective actions.

Operationalized End-User Experience Scoring and Workflows

Future-Proof from 10 Gb to 100 Gb

Observer continues its leadership in providing full-fidelity forensics for performance and security in high throughput networks with interfaces for 1/10, 40, and 100 Gb. Observer GigaStor is the only network performance monitoring solution validated by third-party analysts to stream fully saturated 40 Gb data links to disk without dropping packets.  As network traffic volumes increase, IT teams can be certain every metric is supported by wire data for root-cause analysis and granular reconstruction.

100G Capture Card

Continuously Improving User Experience Understanding

Implementing adaptive machine learning, Observer Apex delivers intelligent user insight that trends normal business user and network patterns over time. This reduces false positives as understanding of normal environment behavior and user experience improve.

Continuously Improving User Experience Understanding

Enhanced Interfaces and Analytic Processing

Redesigned user interfaces facilitate easier navigation and interaction across key elements of the Observer platform. Additionally, significant improvements have been achieved in real-time analytical performance power and trending.

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